Rising Federal Reserve Rates and How It Affects Your Wallet

With soaring prices at the gas pump and grocery store, many Americans are concerned with how to alleviate the impact on their money. Many Americans across the country have been very concerned with the rising rate of inflation since the…

3 Signs You May Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Money

When it comes to finances, in order to make any changes to our situation, we need to reflect on our relationship with money. Just like going on a diet, we take time to re-evaluate what we eat and compare it…

Let’s Talk Inflation

You’ve probably heard a lot about inflation over the recent months, but do you completely understand how it affects your wallet? In a recent article from CNBC, the inflation rate for the month of November was 6.8%. When we take a…

Redemption: Making a Financial Comeback

Redemption. Revival. Comeback. The Gaff family lost everything imaginable in a wildfire just five years ago. Now in 2021, they share a few effective financial tips that helped get their family back on their feet and move forward. When I…

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Five Great Ways to Spend That Tax Refund Two Sense Money

Tax Season 2022 IS HERE!Let's talk about how to utilize your refund this year to maximize the benefits!Tune in to hear about 5 ways you can use your 2022 Tax Refund and make progress with your financial goals. Also, I talk about PYF- Pay Yourself First. For those that have been following my podcast or blog, you know that I strongly feel you should always pay yourself first! Tune in now! Support the show
  1. Five Great Ways to Spend That Tax Refund
  2. Millionaires Gone Broke- MC Hammer Edition
  3. Romance Scams- Crime Story
  4. Kids' Money Habits- Holiday Edition!
  5. Inflation and Your Wallet

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