About Us

Having a passion for Financial Education and helping people, Stephanie Newell decided to take it upon herself to start an organization that focuses on working towards financial freedom. With hard work and dedication, along with the need to educate our communities, Two $ense was founded!

Stephanie Newell


As a certified Financial Coach, Stephanie Newell knew that she wanted to take the lead on financial education. With nearly 10 years’ experience in Banking, Stephanie has had firsthand counseling experience with hundreds of people throughout her career. Having such an extensive background in both big banks and community-sized institutions, Stephanie saw the need to help guide people in a subject not covered in most schools. From budgeting and saving money, to fixing credit and establishing a strong financial foundation, helping individuals take a step towards financial freedom is what led her to create Two $ense. Stephanie has a strong passion for helping others and educating everyone of all ages.

With a newly founded podcast, Two Sense Money, she strives to teach people all across the country on financial well-being.

“Financial freedom is something everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve!”

Stephanie Newell

Email me: twosensemoney@gmail.com