Redemption: Making a Financial Comeback

Redemption. Revival. Comeback. The Gaff family lost everything imaginable in a wildfire just five years ago. Now in 2021, they share a few effective financial tips that helped get their family back on their feet and move forward. Source: WJHL News 11 Station-Tennessee When I think of a redemption, I envision a movie that involves… Continue reading Redemption: Making a Financial Comeback


6 Common Misconceptions That Make Finances “Scary”

Two Sense dives into what makes personal finances so intimidating and tackles some common misconceptions that are widely talked about. In the spirit of Halloween, let's talk about why finances can be so scary. There are so many myths that float around the internet, and in society in general, that lead to confusion and misunderstanding… Continue reading 6 Common Misconceptions That Make Finances “Scary”

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The 411 on Health Insurance

Check out one of our latest Two Sense Money Podcast episodes! We talk about the importance of Health Insurance, what some of your options are, and how to make an informed decision during your next open-enrollment period. Make sure to listen for new episodes available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, and more!


Valentine’s Day Savings Challenge

According to Business Insider, the average American spends nearly $160 on Valentine's Day. What could you do with $160 right now? Try our Valentine's Day Savings Challenge to jump start your savings goals today!


New Year’s Resolutions- How to Really Be Successful This Year

Are you looking to get your finances in order this year? Is financial freedom a New Year’s resolution of yours? If so, what I will discuss throughout this article will help you make that possible! Ensuring you have the right goals in place is crucial to your success for 2020 and beyond. The way to… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions- How to Really Be Successful This Year